Forever Frugal & Free

As a child, I learned that cash rules generally everything around us; at that same young age, I decided that I would refuse to ever let it rule me.

I’ve never been a “big-spender” — I can thank my parents for that — they made it a point to never spoil me, always giving me what I needed and sometimes, what I wanted, but never excessively. I never received an allowance nor “rewards” for getting straight-A’s (which I got all through elementary, middle, high school, and college, by the way), but I can assure you that all of that birthday money I received as a child went straight into my bank account, stored away and likely to never see the light of day.

Today, as a 22-year old recent college graduate, I still constantly save my money. All of those paychecks from my various jobs go straight to my savings account. Not only does the fact that I really do not enjoy shopping all that much help me to save, but I’ve learned that opportunities for free stuff consistently present themselves to me — and when those free opportunities are not as apparent, I seek them out and enjoy every bit of that free/ discounted object, clothing, food, or trip, to the fullest.

Overall, I have learned that you do not have to spend a lot of money to live an exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling life, and because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to know just how that can be done, I created this blog.

Read & learn how you,too, can live the high life, cheaply, and please feel free to share your cheap-living ideas as well.

forever frugal & free,